Welcome to The Radvocate!

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Welcome, one and all, to the official web site for The Radvocate zine!

What is The Radvocate, you may ask? It's chance to be published and share your work in an un-sponsored, unbiased environment. You don’t have to be a professional to write, draw, or send hate mail to us. Just be honest, be funny, draw something cool or interesting. Your personal work could be gold, but without anywhere to display it, who would ever know? Now you can share it with people all across the country, without the condescending remark of ‘oh, anyone can publish on the internet’. Well now it will be in PRINT! You’ll be official, my friend!


So, really, what is The Radvocate? It is you. It is your stories, your rants, your artwork, your opinion. If you have an opinion, a story, a drawing, a review or anything else, submit it to us. The best ones will be picked by the editors and printed in our issues, printed every few months or so. Contact us at theradvocatemag@gmail.com to get involved (check out our page on Facebook too!).

Keep checking the site for new stuff every so often, like additions of issues to our archive, announcements of new issues, new episodes on RAD.TV, new stuff in our store, and other things that are important to the zine or to us. 

Thanks everyone! Get Rad!

- Matt Lewis, Editor