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Welcomes to the fourteenth issue of The Radvocate. What started in 2011 as a poorly-xeroxed cry for artistic solidarity in the form of a zine, morphed into an open-sourced platform of expression. A like-minded community of artists was formed: poets, authors, artists, photographers, columnists, videographers, journalists, and many more joined together from all over the country to make the eclectic issues a reality. In those flimsy paper copies, the soul of The Radvocate was forged, an irreverent but proud spirit which carries on to this day. The first shot has been fired. How will you respond? Featuring work from Karl Sherlock, Scott Sherman, Meggie Royer, Eric Raymond, Joe Baumann, John Vanderslice, Harley Lethalm, Dania Brett, Anthony Martin, Jamie Sullivan, Larry Blazek, Emily Green, Lois Harrod, Janet Joyner, Allyson Whipple, Caroline Taylor, Laura Preble, Sara Morrison, & Juleigh Howard-Hobson.