States of Terror Vol. 1 - Coming November 2014

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I'm proud to announce the forthcoming release of States of Terror Vol. 1 from Ayahuasca Publishing in November 2014! This is a horror anthology that I (Matt Lewis), Keith McCleary, & art director Adam Miller have been working on for months with 18 writers and 23 artists.

The premise? Every state in the union has it's own unique urban legend monster. West Virginia has the Mothman, New Jersey the Jersey Devil, etc. We have chosen a group of writers and artists to re-interpret & re-imagine these legendary stories in their own fashion. The result is an anthology featuring eighteen tales of horror and the surreal, along with fantastic illustrations that will chill you to the bone.

The writers: Ryan Bradford, Sunny Katz, Julia Evans, Matt Lewis, Rachel Lee Taylor, Tina Hyland, Nate McDonald, Pepe Rojo, Jim Ruland, Alex Bosworth, Jimmy Callaway, Ed Farragut, Anthony Muni Jr., Hanna Tawater, Jessica Hilt, Adam Veal, Kiik AK, & Keith McCleary

The artists: Adam Miller, Jacob Carignan, Marlene O'Connor, Josh Morrissette, Joe Dellagata, John Cardinal, The Wizard Garrett, Andrew MacLean, David Ferreira, Haig Demarjian, Andrew Houle, Rolo Ledesma, Alex Schinas, Kevin Ilaqcua, Michael Crockett, Brian Paturzo, Derek Hart, Brett Mason, Mike Doherty, Christopher James Letarte, Steve Becker, Greg Moutafis, Emily Dumas

How can you get a copy? Keep an eye on our website and our FB fan page for announcements about the release, participating bookstores, events and more!