Official announcement: Issue #13 coming May 2015!

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I'm proud to announce that the long-awaited Issue #13 will be released from SSWA Press in May 2015. So Say We All is a literary and performing arts non-profit organization whose mission is to create opportunities for individuals to tell their stories, and tell them better. We achieve this through three core priorities: publishing, performance, and education. SSWA Press works tirelessly and with ink-smudged fingers to publish original anthologies, experimental collectivist novels, and more that contain the works of San Diego-based emerging writers alongside nationally recognized authors.

We have worked informally alongside So Say We All for as long as we have existed. We’ve done many shows and collaborations together. If I could be completely honest with you all, after Issue #12, it felt like The Radvocate (as a zine) had accomplished all that it could. I was ready to end it there unless some kind of change could be made to create something daring and new. Luckily, So Say We All was willing to step up to the plate and make this issue happen. What you will find is paperback-bound, properly formatted journal filled with new, experimental work. This is the result of a team working together for almost six months, rather than one guy doing everything in the course of a month. I believe that this extra work and attention to detail will show in the final product.

Keep an eye on both websites, FB pages and Twitters for more updates!