Back Issues

  • Issue 1 - Our first issue, and possibly the shortest. The cover art for this one, created by STRNGLV, probably gets the most feedback out of all of them. This one features two things from me: a Rock n' Rolling Manifesto and a story called "Police Dog Days", about getting chased by a police dog in Mira Mesa when I was 14. There is also a road story from Dusty Hairwater, a peice where Pete Fazzini tells us about the legend of Mike Leaf, and two album reviews by Chad Deal and Amy Salisbury.

  • Issue 2 - The cover art from this one was made by my old roommate, Jason Reyna. The content definetly saw a leap from this issue from the first one. With a clear vision in mind, we were able to get photo work from Sam Currie, art from Anthony Zinonos, a crazy bike story from Chad Deal, a sad tale of a family death by Paige McWey, a poem from Chelsea Boyd, an experimental trip through a valley by Heidi Raynowska, and the first installment of the Tour Nique story. Peppered throughout are illustrations from Sean Sagawa and Victoria Paul. We also had a release party for this one, you can check out some pictures here.

R3 Cover by Todd McInerney

R4 Cover - Sean Sagawa 

  • Issue 4 - Sean Sagawa showed us his apocalyptic vision for 2012 on this cover (WHY ISN'T THIS GUY MAKING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS BY ILLUSTRATING COMICS?!?). Erin Grant tried to start an interactive photo discussion in one article, I interviewed the Soun Dai about his new religion and to Chris Rosi about his band, Plateaus. Chad Deal told us about his martini experiences, Sam Cooper gives us a photo set to display, and I wrote a story about a shroom party that went wrong. Illustrations from STRNGLV, Alejoh Candelo, and Todd McInerney are also featured. 

R5 Cover - Jeremy Beightol

R6 Cover - Mindy Solis

  • Issue 6 - Mindy Solis gives us a break from the death and destruction with this compelling cover. I give an account of a stoner metal mosh pit that I wasn't expecting that Todd McInerney illustrates, Ryan Bradford gives us a haunting, cathartic story about a young girl in NYC with illustrations by Victoria Paul, Brian Krans writes a sober letter to himself, and Damien Wilson gives us (well, half) of the story about his career as a pro blader. Ryan Loewy gave us a unique photo set and I interview local blues musician John January. It all wraps up with an album review from Bijan Imandoust on the Flower Travellin' Band. 

R7 Cover - Fade Hurricane

  • Issue 7 - Fade Hurricane blows everyone away (get it?) with this incredible cover art. Michael Lewis (no relation) gives us an interesting piece on the investigation of Joe Paterno, Kevin Yee mind-dumps on us, and Michael Kraft give us a story that's irreverent at first glance, but rises into "a sly vignette". I write about Tour Nique (AGAIN), Brian Krans gives us some line-in-the-sand and dreamtime writings, and we get a poem from Missy Solis and a short story snapshot from Anthony Muni, Jr.  Ilustrations come from the Patel brothers, Tyler and David, Brandon Weiland, and Sean Sagawa. Craig Oliver wraps it up with a big bow with his review on Subtle's "A new white", eight years after it's release. He's promised us that this only scratched the surface, and someday the whole of his thoughts may be revealed on here; time will tell. 

Issue #8

  • Issue #8Anthony Zinonos gave us this cover, and I cannot tell you how many people asked if it was me or not. NO, IT'S NOT ME. I didn't dress nearly that well as a kid. Apparently, he found the picture in a gutter in Portland. Punk rock. Anyway, Ken Leek has a story in here about two guys traversing the unemployment line, Erin Grant wrote the story "The Day the Roots were watered Red" which was illustrated by Victoria Paul. A found memoir of WWII from my grandfather, E.S. Lewis, is included in this one. Nate Hall from Rochester gives us a cathartic tale about an old man and the sea (but not THAT old man and the sea) which Sean Sagawa captures beautifully (that guy really needs a website). The photo work of Dustin Werbeski and Johanna Berg, a.k.a The Romeros, makes it's debut, and poetical man Chad Deal  lends us some lovely prose as a garnish. Brandon Weiland includes some of his poetry, and I wrote a story about a man who becomes a target for his own company.  

  •  Issue #9 - I met Sean Andress at the Inland Empire Zine Fest. As soon as I saw his artwork, I knew he had to be a part of The Radvocate. He gave us this incredible cover in record time. This issue is peppered throughout with memes, including the 'famous' one on the inside cover, credited to Allie Brosh. Brian Krans and Kevin Yee go on a beat-style, drug-fueled creative bent, the results of which are printed in written and art form. Iowan Bruce Bales gives us some cool photographs with relevent poetry attached, Sunny Katz reviews Spec Ops: The Line, and Italian photographer Pietro Firrincieli presents a unique, pro-grade set of photos. Newcomer Joey McGarry presents his odd, stream of consciousness list of daily activities, I wrote more about Tour Nique, and Anthony Muni Jr. gave us a story about a son who's reached the last straw with his father. It's all topped off with a story from Thomas Martin about the darkness that lies within the forests of Appalachia...and our own souls. Oh, Thomas also gave us a photo of a naked guy.

  • Issue #10 - We got in touch with Gemma Correll to make this cover for us in honor of our 10th birthday: A pug on rollerblades with a birthday cake. Best cover ever. Missy Solis opens it up with a story about meeting evangelical children at the beach. We also got a lot of art & poetry from Kevin Yee, and an epic poem from his collaborator, Jay Greendyk. Amy Granite came out of retirement to write a story about a vegetable that tried to kill her. Bruce Bales gave us a sample of his photography, and Matt Mannila wrote a little ditty about his backpacking adventures through San Diego's fringes. Kenny Owens from Queen City gave us a very cool photo set and Sunny Katz reviews a weird movie called Imagine Blade Shun. Anthony Muni Jr. and STRNGLV collaborate on a story about kids being animals (with some insane art). Thomas Martin lends us some poetry written from his Appalachian point of view. A large part of the zine is dedicated to Brian Krans' tale of priests, prostitutes, redemption and poop, with an amazing image created by a newcomer, Andrew DiPaoloNate Hall rounds everything out with some haunting poetry.  

  • Issue #13 - Featuring literary work from: Allison Whittenberg, Brandon Marlon, Kiik A.K., Patrick Mayuyu, Grant Mason, Meg Tuite, Mason Green-Richards, Parker Tettleton, Zachary Scott Hamilton, Clay Norvell, Neil P. McDevitt, Alan Semrow, Robin Wyatt Dunn, Alex Bosworth, Ryan Hicks, Johnnie B. Baker, and an interview with Henry Rollins. Edited by Matt E. Lewis. Cover art by Sean Andress.