Announcing The Radvocate #14, coming September 2016 from So Say We All!

Posted in Issue #14, So Say We All

Welcome to the fourteenth issue of The Radvocate. What started in 2011 as a poorly-xeroxed cry for artistic solidarity in the form of a zine, morphed into an open-sourced platform of expression. A like-minded community of artists was formed: poets, authors, artists, photographers, columnists, videographers, journalists, and many more joined together from all over the country to make the eclectic issues a reality. In those flimsy paper copies, the soul of The Radvocate was forged, an irreverent but proud spirit which carries on to this day. 

In 2015, So Say We All, a San Diego-based literary arts non-profit, joined with The Radvocate to release a new kind of literary magazine. The goal was to shine it's own way in the face of conformity, to create a radical space for fiction, non-fiction and poetry to flourish. In a departure from the norm, the work that is and will be featured in The Radvocate champions a new kind of community, free of the traditional boundaries and procedures of other lit mags. 

What you hold in your hands is the result of that thinking, the combined efforts of talented up-and-coming writers and a small team of dedicated individuals who believe in our cause. We have a simple objective: to plant our flag in the soil of literary arts and fly it high, letting those who would criticize think what they may. Where others would wait around to wait for someone to give them their chance, we are carving our own niche in the face of indifference, screaming our existence to the world. The first shot has been fired. How will you respond? Get rad.

Featuring work from Karl Sherlock, Joe Baumann, John Vanderslice, Anthony Martin, Jamie Sullivan, Meggie Royer, Caroline Taylor, Emily Green, Scott Sherman, Laura Preble, Allyson Whipple, Sara Morrison, Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Janet Joyner, Eric Raymond, Lois Harrod, Dania Brett, Harley Lethalm, and Matt Parchinski (Cover Artist).